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Step-by-Step Tax Filing for Non-Profits: A Complete 990-N Guide

21/03/2024 2:21 AM

For non-profit organizations across the United States, maintaining tax-exempt status is crucial and requires timely filing of annual tax reports. A common requirement for small non-profits (those with annual receipts under $50,000) is filing Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard, with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This process is straightforward, and 990.tax is designed to make it even easier, offering a user-friendly platform that guides organizations through each step. Here's how to complete your 990-N filing through 990.tax.

Step 1: Begin by accessing 990.tax. If you're a returning user, log in with your account details. New users can start by entering the name or EIN of their non-profit organization to create an account.

Step 2: Select the tax year for which you are filing. If your receipts for the year are under $50,000, you will be filing Form 990-N.

Step 3: Verify the information that's pre-filled on the 990-N form and complete any sections that are missing.

Step 4: Once all information about your non-profit's finances is entered, the next step is to provide details about yourself.

Step 5: Once filed, you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected], indicating that your returns have been accepted by the IRS.

Don't forget to download copies of the transmitted form from the "Filings" section for your records.

By following these steps, non-profit organizations can efficiently complete their filing obligations with the IRS.

For non-profits in California, there are additional state-specific requirements beyond the 990-N. If your organization is based in California, please refer to our detailed step-by-step guide specifically tailored for California non-profits, covering additional forms required in California (CA FTB 199, RRF-1, and CT-TR-1): Step by Step Instructions for California Non-Profits. This guide ensures your organization complies with both federal and state regulations seamlessly.

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