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A Day of Empowerment with Peralta District PTA: 990.tax Takes Part in Leadership Training

04/06/2023 3:17 AM

Hey there! We at 990.tax, your go-to online tax filing service for non-profits, just had an incredible day as an exhibitor at the Peralta District PTA leadership training event in sunny Alameda County, California. The event was a fantastic gathering of over 140 PTA units and 4 councils from across the county, and we had the pleasure of meeting so many inspiring parent volunteers, many of whom are new to serving on the PTA board.

Held at Mount Eden High School in Hayward, this event was a day-long affair packed with workshops, networking opportunities, and an exhibitor expo. The dedication to making every child's potential a reality shone through every moment of the day, from the enlightening workshops to the interactive exhibitor expo.

Being a part of the exhibitor expo was a great experience for us at 990.tax. We had the chance to interact with many attendees and introduce them to our e-filing services. We're proud to be IRS-authorized experts for e-filing 990 series returns and California FTB-authorized experts for filing 199 series returns, as our platform makes the process easy and secure.

We love that we can help non-profits like PTA units save money and navigate their tax filings without the high costs of an accountant, and we enjoyed showing the event attendees just how easy the process can be.

The Peralta District PTA event was a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the community and learn more about the dedicated parent volunteers that help shape our children's futures. The event was also an amazing platform for these volunteers to learn, network, and prepare for their roles on the PTA board.

We want to give a big shout-out to the Peralta District PTA and the event organizers for putting together such an enriching and inclusive event. It was amazing to see the PTA's mission in action, positively impacting the lives of all children and families.

Our experience at the PTA leadership training event has left us inspired and excited about the future. We're looking forward to supporting more non-profits like the Peralta District PTA with their tax filing needs.

For those interested in learning more about our services, check out our website at 990.tax or feel free to reach out to us via chat, phone, or email. Here's to a future of seamless tax filing for non-profits!

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