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990.tax Shines at Texas PTA Convention LAUNCH 2023 in Dallas

08/08/2023 4:45 AM

Fresh off our incredible experience at the LAUNCH 2023 conference organized by Texas PTA, we are eager to share our takeaways, interactions, and heartwarming moments from this year's event.

Capturing Moments at LAUNCH 2023

Hosted in the sprawling metropolis of Dallas, LAUNCH 2023 was more than just a conference—it was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of countless PTA members, district council leaders, and parent volunteers from across Texas. Our 990.tax team was thrilled to be a part of such an empowering and enlightening gathering.

A Hub of Meaningful Interactions

The enthusiasm was palpable. From the moment our booth was set up, we were graced with a flow of both seasoned PTA board members and new faces, all keen to understand the 990.tax mission and offerings. We cherish every conversation, every question asked, and every story shared.

One particularly resonant moment was when a board member from Houston shared her struggles with non-profit tax filing. It reminded us why 990.tax was conceived—to alleviate such challenges and streamline the process for non-profits everywhere.

Diving Deep into Discussions

Our conversations weren't just surface-level. We delved into intricate issues, debated tax nuances, and discussed potential future partnerships. We were especially grateful for the insights from district council leaders who brought forth the broader concerns and aspirations of their respective districts.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Firstly, to the organizers of LAUNCH 2023—a huge thank you. Texas PTA outdid themselves in bringing together such a rich tapestry of knowledge, experience, and passion.

To every attendee who took the time to stop by our booth, engage with us, and share your unique perspective—thank you. Your stories and feedback are the fuel that drives 990.tax to innovate and serve the non-profit community better.

Last, but by no means least, our admiration and gratitude go out to the incredible parent volunteers. Your tireless efforts to secure the best school experience for the kids of Texas do not go unnoticed. You are the backbone of the educational community, and we are deeply grateful for all you do.

Looking Forward

The echoes of LAUNCH 2023 will resonate with us for a long time. The 990.tax team is more committed than ever to refine, improve, and tailor our services to better serve the non-profit community.

Remember, behind every successful non-profit is a tribe of dedicated individuals, and behind every successful tax filing is 990.tax. Until next time, stay inspired and keep making a difference!

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